Sunday, September 27, 2015

Living in a fast-paced world is quite challenging for a twenty two year old like me. Becoming “haggard” is a popular word now to describe that dreadful and exhausting state that most of us experience. It can be brought by – stress from work/school, traffic in Manila, first-date jitters, and the list goes on. Good thing, I’ve developed habits to help me cope up with the stress and keep me feeling clean and sexy.
I.               Workout
Ever since I started working far from home, it has been difficult for me to maintain a daily exercise routine. I admit that I have gained a few pounds because of that. Nonetheless, I’m slowly adjusting to my new job – allowing me to have at least twice a week of exercise. I figured having a gym membership might be impractical so Youtube is now the home of all my exercise trainers. Cassey Ho is one – I love the fact that she gives her viewers a monthly exercise coupled with a healthy food calendar too which leads me to my 2nd clean and sexy habit.

II.             Eat Healthy
I maintain a proper diet. Don't get me wrong, though, I have my own junk food fix too but I limit it as much as possible. And to make up for all those junk food fix and cheat days, I see to it that I have my own set of healthy eats! Since I started having a 9-7 job it’s quite impossible not to get sick if you don’t eat salads and veggies. I figured that eating salads and veggies doesn’t have to be boring. You just need to find a fun and yummy recipe. My current favorites are Bibimbap, Lettuce with Sesame Dressing and Green Bean and Pasta Salad.

III.           Dress Up
I’m pretty sure we all have our tamad to dress up days that’s why we all have our basic default outfits anyway. Although based from my experience, it’s pretty fun and exciting to dress pretty too! I would feel like was back to my five-year old self wanting to try on mommy’s shoes and clothes. Therefore, whether it’s for a date or for work, I set two days of being extra creative with my outfits. I usually get inspiration from fashion magazine and blogs.

IV.            Maintain Feminine Hygiene
It’s pretty tough to handle the dreaded red days. Imagine you’re having a busy and stressful week at work and your monthly visitor arrives! It’s every girl’s nightmare! And not to mention the other factors that come with it – itchy feeling, mood swing, increased appetite and abdominal bloating. We all know that these factors are unavoidable and we just need to learn on how to deal with it. But here’s a sisterly tip I would like to share with you. I recently found a product that protects me from all the itchiness, irritation and odor during red days. The amazing red days lifesaver is finally out – the Betadine Feminine Wash. I know I could depend on this product because it’s actually known as the most prescribed product by Medical Doctors to mothers after giving birth. It’s also number 1 in Liquid Anti Septic Feminine Wash Category. After using the Betadine Feminine Wash everyday during red days, I do feel more confident! I realize now that proper feminine hygiene is the foundation of being truly confident and sexy.
How can you go wrong with Betadine Feminine Wash when clean is the new sexy? 
I felt the difference and you could feel it too! 
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  1. Your points sound familiar! I have a busy life with uni, work and traveling as well but I like to eat healthy/dress up/work out (actually do yoga) twice or thee times a week, too. Have a lovely day! X

  2. Hooray for your healthy lifestyle! Keep it up. :D