Paris Day 1

Monday, September 12, 2011

How do I even start?

Well, the 12th of August was our scheduled flight from Manila-Abu Dhabi then Abu-Dhabi-Paris. 

Etihad Airways was our airline company of choice. It wasn't really our choice but yea it was the travel agent's. I'm just glad she chose Etihad. Yea I know, "Etihad" sounds a little scary but believe it or not, I had a great flying experience! 

We were just part of the Coral Economy Class but the service was superb! The food was good as well. Once you're seated, the flight attendants will give you the menu for the day and during the course of the flight you would choose the main course that you want from the list. Normally, there are three sets of food to choose from. I remembered ordering the Chicken Adobo with a potato side dish. It didn't taste like the authentic Filipino Adobo dish but it was good enough. It tastes sweeter than the normal Adobo served at home. 

The other food options are just too exotic for my taste I guess. Let's just say I wasn't ready for a curry and spicy food overload

But the best feature of the plane, I have to say, was the E-BOX! 
Omygash. I can't even put into words how amazing it is. :)) Basically it's a like a small TV but you can do loads of activities! You can watch a movie, listen to music, play games, look into the destination map (how many more hours to go), etc... 

Oh by the way, my main purpose of traveling all the way to Europe is to participate in the World Youth Day 2011! Will tell you more about the event once I'm at the Spain part of my blogging experience. (France and Italy are just side trips)

End of blabbering here. Time for photos! 

In the plane with my friend Erika. She's my buddy during the entire trip! She's one heck of savior. haha 

Already in Paris! 

We took the train from the airport to the hotel. It was such a hassle. My suggestion: If your hotel is not too far from the airport, take a cab instead. It would really be expensive but it will be worth it especially if you're carrying loads of luggages and what not. 

Heiress-like packers out there -- taking the tram will kill you. Take a cab instead. Just prepare your money. Your cab fare would approx be 20-30 euros max. 

However, if you're the adventurous type, go ahead take the tram! Just make sure which stops to go down. Their tram/metro/subway lines are way too complicated so make sure you study them before leaving your country. 

 Finally arrived at our humble abode for 4 days! 

City Residence at Bry-Sur-Marne, Paris, France
Make sure that you know the check-in and check-out time at your hotel. 

You certainly wouldn't want to wait at the lobby for hours after a 16-hour flight. You're dying to freshen up! 

At Bry-Sur-Marne Station on our way to the Louvre Museum! 

We were just given 5 mins each to take a bath! No choice but to do my make up while walking. :))
PMWW = Putting Makeup While Walking. Bongga! 

Look how exquisite the details of the buildings are! 

No wonder why Europe is sooo famous.

The infamous glass pyramid. 

Caution: feel na feel ko ang pag pose. 

Sooo beautiful! 

The builders/artists/makers really did put a looooot of thought in building this museum 

Two girlies so excited to go in. 

Haha spot the french girl who joined the photo-op

Going down to get tickets! 

Up next: What's inside Musée du Louvre

XX Ciao,  

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