Musee de Louvre, Paris

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I have to be honest, I'm really not that good with art appreciation. It's just so hard to read the artists' minds. But really, this museum made me see art at a different level, at a new perspective. It made me appreciate art so much more. 

About to buy tickets...

Erika holding her ticket. Yea it costs 10 euros! Totally worth it though. 

Should this be censored? haha

Hercules in the house, you guys! 

The infamous Venus de Milo

Kunwari art student. haha 

Look how intricate the details are! So beautiful! The details! I can't even. 

Mona Lisaaaaaaaa, why are you so tiny. In my dream, you're so much bigger than that. :( 

Actin' like a princess.

Eros et Psyche

Definitely my favorite! My gosh so beautiful and exquisite. I'm officially running out of words to describe this unbelievable piece of art @-) 

Time to go, time to roam the streets of Paris!


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