PFW S/S '12: The Ramp Crossings

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Had another chance to watch PFW! After missing the designers' show last Thursday, I knew I had to come last Saturday to catch the collection of The Ramp Crossings. I've always been a fan of their brand. I'm actually intending to partner up with them in the future so it's only proper that I would see their collection just to check if my products match their brand. Yay for better seats this time (hindi na lang ulo ang kita! haha)
I absolutely love these white/nude colored dresses! It's so classy. 
 I always wanted a dress like this -- the one with some sort of a "air" train. I know, I know (wth is an air train haha) I'm not making much sense but can you imagine those dresses with a very light see-through material, the material is so light that the dress has an imaginable train, the air causes the back of the dress to be blown by the air. (can you picture it now? I hope so haha hassle ba sa pag-imagine?) 
 Well I guess, we're all seeing animal prints again next year! 
Get ready to release your fierce side! 
Cause you can never go wrong with corporate blacks and whites. 
Such cutie patootie kids! 
May iba ligaw, may iba feel na feel, may iba parang napilitan lang 
but at the end of the day -- these kids are still the ultimate blockbuster hit! 
 One of my dates for that night, Sarah. Thanks for coming with me. 
Syempre in trend din friend ko, take note, she's wearing an animal-printed dress! Fierce! 
 My other date, Rich! Thanks for coming too. 
Kahit walang oras akong sinabi at pinasugod lang kita sa SMX, pumunta ka pa rin! 
Love my loves, can't thank you enough for accompanying me

Such a blissful night! 
Thanks to The Ramp Crossings for the tickets and that awesome show
Btw, my camera ran out of battery charge that night so I wasn't able to take photos of their sunny summer collection,
 just check out their website for more photos. 


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