Skechers Streetdance Battle Year 7!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

On my way to the Big Dome, I saw this...
Ed Westwick, why do you have to be so effin' hot? :| 
Suggestion to the Penshoppe management: Invite Ed Westwick as the model for the next Fashion Week! 
People have been raving about this. Is this worth an hour drive? 

Well back to the main point of this entire post. Last Sunday was the Final Battle for the Skechers Streetdance Battle Year 7. I feel so old just hearing the phrase 'Year 7'. I was once an active member of our dance team in school so yea we were lucky enough to battle it out at the Big Dome several years ago. Year 4 to be exact. Ancient times, indeed. 

I was so excited to catch the battle this year! Too bad I was only able to watch 4 college teams since I had a makeup class before but really it was worth it. I'm happy to be part of the dance-swag-vibe once again.
 It makes me feel alive. 
Hosted by the Boys Night Out boys. 
Congratulations for all the winners! 
Highschool Category
Champion: St. Paul Pasig
1st runner up: Claret "Hataw"
2nd runner up: La Salle Greenhills "Air Force"

College Category
Champion: De La Salle University 
1st runner up: UP Diliman
2nd runner up: UP Manila
Good job for all the teams! Just making it the finals makes you feel like a winner, right? 

Ate at North Park after. I was so disappointed when they didn't have curry in this branch. How come they have different menus? 
That awesome weekend
(just trying to have some swag. haha do they even still say Chyeah nowadays?) 


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