Street Style Verdict

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Well, I'm very aware that I'm no fashion expert. But I seriously in the mood to play "I am a fashion police" today. 

I got some photos from and all of which are courtesy of Vanessa Jackman. Basically I would just share the thoughts on top of my head. 

 Let the "let's pretend game" start. 
I adore the color on her. Never thought that yellow and brown look great together. 
Just one thing, the white detail on her neck just turns me off. 
 Again, I love the color on her. I fell in love with the fact that she matched her outfit with a red clutch. It makes the outfit a lot more interesting. And even though, she's wearing a cocktail-party-material pair of earrings, I don't think it's overdone. 
She just proves the whole fashion world that you can totally look fashionable without going overboard. 
Simple is beautiful. Nuff said. 
First off she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. I would spazz about her entire outfit if only she didn't wear those pair of pants. It's too long for her. I know, she might be trying to start a new trend. But in my mind, throwing a "borrowed my pants from the neighbors" just wouldn't get the cut. 


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