Al Picchio in Italia

Sunday, November 6, 2011

If I were asked, "What is the most memorable dinner you ever had"?
Hands down, it would be my Italian dinner in Rome. 
It was a heavenly meal (baka blessed by the Roman gods and goddesses!) 

I remember walking countless of kilometers in a city I barely knew. We were clueless, tired and HUNGRY tourists. Even the unthinkable buildings and structures in Rome won't cheer us up anymore. Even the cutie Roman boys can't make us feel giddy anymore. At that moment, my friend, Erika and I, knew that only food can do the trick! We no longer care how much it would cost -- just give us some food!

 Thank goodness, we found a lovely resto near the Trevi Fountain. 
The Al Picchio Restaurant was our savior that night! 
My travel buddy, Erika! 
So tired but happy! 
Margherita Pizza

A glimpse of awesome goodness. I really can't describe it on my own. I can't give it enough justice. :(

Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love made the best decision for choosing Italy to be her 'eating' comfort zone. All I can say is that, Italians truly took time and effort to make their pizzas and pastas. I feel like there's an unwritten rule of 'only fresh tomatoes' here. 

Thanks for the Al Picchio Restaurant for making me x times better that day!
I'd do anything just 'take me to that place again'. 

Do you guys ever had an extraordinary eating experience? Share it here. :)


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