Trinket Town Bazaar

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trinket Town Bazaar at Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato! 

The place had so much potential since we all know that Tomas Morato is fairly an easy access place. Although sales were okay, they weren't much people who attended the event. :|

 I don't know whether it's the marketing of the organizing team, rainy weather or inappropriate location (place full or restaurants, not really known as a shopping haven) that affected the discouraging foot traffic. In my opinion, the outcome could've been so much better. (Read the letter that I have written at the end of this post  which is addressed to bazaar organizers)

Dear future bazaar organizers, 
I just hope that the bazaars you will host will really have people on it. And what I meant about people is A CROWD of people, not just persons who are hanging out beside stalls and publicly showing their affection. Kindly inform them that,  'this not a love park'. 
Also, it would be better if not much kids are running around acting like the bazaar is a playground of some sort. They were thinking it's a playground cause of the enormous amount of space available to them. If I were a kid, I would get that same idea. 

This is a freakin' bazaar. I could even spell it for you. B-A-Z-A-A-R [noun] a market place. 

not a love nest. not a playground. 
Hashtag. Just saying. Just concerned. 
A bazaarista

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