Puerto Galera Summer Getaway

Monday, April 2, 2012

It was a bright & sunny Saturday morning when we arrived at the shores of Puerto Galera in Mindoro. It was my first time there actually so expectations were quite high. More than an hour boat ride from the Batangas pier -- I was starting to get dizzy, but who cares I know it's gonna be worth it the moment I took my first step. 
First day Agenda = Banana Boat Rides! 
What beats that electrifying feeling when the speed boat makes a sharp turn and you're completely thrown off to the sea. Just imagine if you're not wearing a life vest. 
Pretty scary, huh? 
Ooohh lala! Fire dancers at night! 
Wasn't able to have a shot like this. I was kinda paranoid -- I can imagine if the fire dancer makes an itsy bitsy mistake, the next thing I know my hair might be in flames. 
Oh yes, that is what you call bungisngis, ladies and gentlemen. 
Hihi young love :"> 
Just cause I wanted to have a 'windy-flying-hair' shot. Haha. 
What a pretty ladyyyy
Mangyans went down from the mountains. My friend and his family has some sort of food campaign. 
If you would look into their eyes, you'd notice how grateful they are. And nope, I won't cloak this article in melodrama. 

Boys will be boys. (well, not all though) HAHA
RIP dear skimboard. You have served your purpose well. Because of you -- people in the whole Puerto Galera were entertained to see kids falling off their butts and pretending to be pro surfers. 
(Obviously, I belong to the falling-off-their-butts group. Plus! the rolling off the sand trying to regain my poise after the humpty dumpty fall group)
All inspired by Rihanaaaaaa. Tarayyyyy
This can pass for a "more fun in the Philippines" ad. 
Look at that. A majestic view! @-) 
My days in Puerto Galera were phenomenal. Don't you just love the beach waves, the sand, the fresh fruits and juices, the adrenaline rush you feel when you thrown off the sea, everythinggggg under the sun, literally? The beach makes having a life of peace and quiet seem possible. 

 But the fact that I spent my beach days with college friends makes all the difference 
experience = beyond phenomenal. 

♫ Tell me how to get back to 
Back to Summer Paradise with you
And I'll be there in a heartbeat
I'll be there in a heartbeat 

Oh, Puerto Galera -- You will definitely be missed by the (now olive-skinned) little kid.