Dressing Up for Summer

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just because the Holiday season is over, it doesn't mean we can no longer dress up and be our own little fashionista. You know what? Summer is actually one of the best seasons to dress up. Think bright happy colors mixed with the basics. 
I've compiled 3 looks that is perfect for summer events:
(1) Beach Getaway; (2) Shopping in the City; (3) Girls' Night Out
Beach GetawayBeach Getaway
Your summer bikini doesn't have to be in the latest style. A simple  (2) bandeau bikini top with nice artsy fartsy prints can do the trick! Pair it with a simple cover-up just like this one -- (1) a crochet salmon-colored cover-up -- that might have been part of someone's spring wardrobe. You see, it doesn't have to be everything brand-new.  Meanwhile, the (3) sun hat is obviously very basic but the belt detailing turns it all around and makes it interesting. As for the sunglasses, (4) aviator sunglasses -- in my opinion-- is probably your best bet. It usually matches any face shape but make sure to consider the size. You don't want to look like a bumblebee! 
Shopping at the City

Shopping in the City
As for shopping clothes, wear something comfy. Shopping shouldn't be your "tiis ganda" moment. Save it for the parties and formal events. In this look, I chose a very simple (1) cream-colored button-up blouse matched with (3) high-waisted shorts with tribal prints. I love the colors on those shorts! It's eye-catching in a good way. (Avoid wearing too much neon/bright colors when shopping -- other shoppers might find you a total eye pain) Better yet, wear accent pieces just like this (4) braided orange necklace. Lastly, wear (5) a light-weight bag when doing your shopping. Save some energy for some heavy paper bags weight lifting! HAHA
Cruise Wear
Girls' Night Out
After spending hours and hours improving your sport -- swimming, sunbathing and shopping. Yes, it's called Triathlon for the Modern Day Women. (Oh c'mon, you know how shops turn into battlegrounds when the mall announces "SALE". And suddenly, everyone starts to act like gladiators trying to attack the store racks AND defend their shopping baskets from other prying shoppers). You need to reward yourself after all the battle, right? Hell yeaaaa, and celebrate it with the girlfriends! For this look, I chose a (1) well-tailored pink blazer and (2) basic white blouse paired with a (3) glitter shimmer sequined skirt. Then, picked some (4) light-colored pumps with interesting gold details. Add an accent piece like this (5) black gemstone with diamond details statement ring. Viola! That's what you call  feminine and classy at the same time.  

Have fun dressing up this Summer! 

P.S. What's the greatest thing you love about Summer? Share! 



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