Conscious Collection by H&M

Friday, April 13, 2012

 H&M goes green my launching their Conscious Collection, an eco-friendly fashion line. What they mean about 'conscious' is taken from its literal meaning of being mindful or aware. Shoppers all over the world are slowly and deeply becoming aware of their purchases and many are now trying to assess whether their purchases were made in a sustainable way or not. It's a good indicator, if you ask me. Who would want to purchase an item made from harsh chemicals that strongly harms the environment or worse, an item that can trigger negative health effects? No one, I bet. 
You see, even in shopping, there are complex dimensions that does not means one's eye. 
-- CEO of H&M 

Such a profound statement by H&M CEO, Karl-Johan Persson. 
And since one of the biggest business empires in the Philippines is facing a controversial issue right now regarding social and environmental responsibility, I think it's just timely to raise this issue up. I may not have an all-access pass to know the truth but I do hope that 'the said business empire' has the same vision as H&M. Those bright, educated people working in that empire, hopefully, isn't lured by superficial things as to overlook such significant responsibilities. 

Moving on with less dramatic issues (and pretty pictures), Here are my top picks for their collection:

Disclaimer: Photos are not my own. Photos are taken from the H&M website. 

If you ask me, H&M took a big step by putting an action to probably, one of world's biggest problems - "How to be profitable AND eco-friendly?". Evidently, H&M succeeded with their vision. They put their vision into life through these beautifully crafted pieces of clothing. If H&M was able to do it, why can't we? Just something to think about and like what they always say -- "if there's a will, there's definitely got to be a way". 



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    1. Awww thank you, dear! I'm glad you love it. Pays to be 'conscious' right? :)

  2. Beautiful collection. Love that it's eco-friendly, too. Following you now! :)

    1. Thank you Ms. Angel! Wow, I feel so honored to be followed by the Wonder Woman. hihi.