Hopping Off the Cruise

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just had a lovely evening at the Chao Phraya Princess Cruise. It was amazing to look at Bangkok temples all lighted up at night. Plus, the cruise served buffet dinner! I mean, who would turn down a buffet dinner after an exhausting day of walking countless kilometers? 
And just when I thought that the cruise is all about eating and sight seeing, but wait there's more! There's actually a rockin' party inside. It maybe for the 'not-so-young' crowd but a few sways and jumps won't hurt. Oh gosh, I can still picture the image of the gray-haired lolas and lolos in the party crowd. It's quite amusing, if you ask me. 
It may not be seen in the picture but I swear, there were gray-haired lolas and lolos in the crowd -- dancing to the beats of J-Lo and Shakira with matching 'hands up in the air' party moves. Oh lolos and lolas, you made me not fear of getting old.

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