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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If there's one thing that cannot be taken out of my Summer Bucket List, it's the cleaning and revamping my room part of the list. Yesterday, I have to assess the current state of my room. It's a little bit messy and some things might not be in perfect order but overall, it's still okay. Don't worry, it won't pass as a candidate for makeover for the TV show, Clean House. 

So I took some photo snippets of my room. You really can't picture my room with these shots but yeaaa I'd still share it with you guys. 
The bookshelf on top of my desk. Note to self: Arrange books and magazines in a specific order. 
Top drawer holds (1) pencils, (2) pens and black markers, (3) colorful markers
My boring wall clock. How basic can you get? 
I really think I should replace it with a pretty artsy fartsy wall clock. 
My messy/accessories-on-war accessory table. :( Googling now: "Organize jewelry". Do you guys know any affordable yet classy looking accessory stands? I could really use some help. HAHA. 
My heels that don't have a permanent home yet. My tiny shoe closet is full already. :( I might use the shoe rack that my aunt gave me last Christmas. Thank you tita! Now, these babies won't be nomads any longer. 
My dainty pink floral curtains. In my 6 years of stay here, I never had any other curtains except this set so I'm really planning to scout for an alternative because changing the curtains could be pretty expensive. Ayoko mabutas bulsa ko dahil sa kurtina! haha
 6-Photo Hanging Frame from Umbra
One of my favorite pieces in my room. I love the fact that I can easily replace the photos as to somehow update it with my life. 
My comforter that has damask prints on it. Don't you just feel like a princess? 


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