Bangkok Haul

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The moment I came back from BKK, I had this idea of posting a haul but schoolworks ambushed me like crazy so I ended up forgetting about my entire haul idea anonymous reader commented on a travel post suggesting that I should post a haul. So, I finally saved some time to put this 'haul' together.  Sorry I can't post all the things that I bought but I do hope this would suffice. 
This product works great! The last time I had an apricot facial scrub was under the brand of St. Ives but sad to say the sandy-grainy texture makes me feel that it's somehow harsh for the skin but this is different -- the texture is finer and the scent is amazing. 
Don't ask. In my defense, the store is called "Beauty Buffet". 
And everything was reasonably priced, I sweaaar! Haha there goes my excuses after the purchase. 
| L-R: facial cotton, hair moisture recover spray, coffee-scented body scrub, nail polish remover, pro-keratin shampoo and conditioner, apricot facial scrub, Gino McCray mascara, Anne & Florio nail polishes, milk plus skin refining scrub, milk plus body lotion |
Accessories I bought from a store called 'Classic Accessories' (except for the turban though)
The necklace at the middle has a missing gemstone. :( If gemstone is found, contact me at 0917-xxxxxxx. 
I always go magazine hoarding whenever I travel abroad. It's just too bad, I can only take a look at the lovely photos and when I try to read the articles, the level of understanding is at zero percent. I have to admit, I wished that I was a polyglot when I was browsing through this. 
Can someone teach me how to read and speak Thai? Mario Maurer, can you please be my tutor? 
My pasalubongs for my highschool barkada. If any of you are reading this, feel free to message me on what design you like. haha. Get the first dibs! (perks of reading my blog hahaha) 
Those are Naraya coin purses, btw. If you ever visit Bangkok, make sure to visit Naraya! They have a wider range of choices and the prices in Bangkok are just like 1/3 compared to the prices here in Manila. 
I know most of you are excited to see the clothes but I just can't post it all cause most of them will soon be available at our online shop and I don't wanna spoil any of you. Here's a sneak peek instead. 

Keep on visiting The Bling Project to know if our apparel collection has been launched! 
Hope you enjoyed my so-called haul even though it's like a puzzle with lots of missing pieces! I promise to do a better one next time. ;) 



  1. there's some beautiful bits of jewellery here :)