7 for All Mankind Party Nights: The First + 20th at Skye

Monday, June 25, 2012

An update: The lappynappers took pity on me and returned my pink baby (aka my laptop) Haha! Kidding aside, my friend gave back 'pink baby' to me and I'm happy to announce that everything is  back to normal. Thank goodness. Well everything is back to normal except for an odd new desktop wallpaper.

Anyway moving to the entry's topic, I, together with my friends went to party at Republiq last Friday Night!
 Call me domesticated but it's actually my first time to go there. I hardly party nowadays, with the business I'm starting + internship + college tasks - partying isn't really part of my usual plans for the weekend. But I'm glad, I gave partying a chance to prove its point! I can't put into words how much fun I had last Friday!
IMG_6868 IMG_6870
Thank you bebes for accompanying me!
IMG_6872 IMG_6878
With Miko whom I haven't seen in ages! Congrats on being the F&H brand ambassador!
Dani of Style is Eternal and Miko
With Krista of Sentimental Style! Accessorize buddy, nice seeing you again!
On the side note, if you guys want to win tickets for this Friday's 7 for All Mankind Party, just email me at jessica.viray@yahoo.com to know the mechanics.

I had to leave Republiq early and had to run at a friend's 20th birthday celebration at Skye! Before you hop into the hate train and start calling me "party girl". Yes, it was also my first time at Skye Lounge, W Building. What can I say? Great company puts the 'fun' into fun parties.
IMG_6889 IMG_6903 IMG_6913 IMG_6912 IMG_6946
Hello there, birthday boy Gino!
IMG_6934 IMG_6968 IMG_6973



  1. Wow How cool!
    Have a great day!

  2. Aww. I got *kilig kilig* when I saw the photo of us. Hihi :"> I'll steal some pics, ok? Thanks, Jess! :)

    PS. I commented on another entry kanina. My mistake. Haha!