The Mind Museum, Taguig

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Got the chance to finally visit the Mind Museum aka "Philippines first world-class science museum" at Taguig! Such label produces a high level of expectation, isn't it?

For starters, the museum is subdivided into five galleries - The Story of the Atom, The Story of Life, The Story of the Universe, The Story of The Earth, The Story of Technology. There's no right or wrong gallery to enter first (just make sure you enter all galleries cause each gallery has its own story to tell!)
IMG_6102 copy
The robot, Aedi, will greet you at the entrance!
Went there with my friend, Xavi, check out his blog and his fashowyn outfits, here
The oil spill will affect two more generations to come. :( Petron Corp, must do something.
It's pretty much mandatory to have a snapshot of Stan. In case, you're wondering Stan is this "40-foot cast made from the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex bones ever unearthed". Doesn't it bring back images from the movie, Jurassic Park? 
IMG_6109 IMG_6123 IMG_6118
Oh yeah, I'm finally doing a "what's in my bag post" X-ray version! Guess what's inside. The earphones are a given! Spot it, spot it!
IMG_6141 IMG_6142
Fifth of a second for the brain to fall in love?! Say what?
I bet Vice Ganda would yell out "PBB Teeeeens?"

1. Take note of their time slots. 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm, (6pm-9pm for sat-sun only) Purchasing the regular pass would allow you to roam around the museum for 3 hours. If you have kids with you (who are extremely curious about things), it's better to purchase the all-day pass. 
2. There are two shows over at the museum. One at the Universe Gallery (Space Shell dome show) and another at the Earth Gallery (3D film show). Sad to say, I'm not recommending the Space Shell show. To be frank, it's boring. It's so boring that (1) a daddy inside was snoring loudly and (2) a kid started crying and wanted to go out pronto (3) the only reason I was wide awake is because I can't help but giggle at the sound of the daddy snores. 
3. In case you're hungry, you can head over at the second floor for Cibo (sort of an "Cibo express version") No, they don't have the same menu as the ones in the malls. They serve sandwiches and rice meals. Go to Jollibee outside na lang, mas sulit pa! haha 
4. Wanna practice your driving skills? Head over to second floor and you'll spot a mini arcade where you can drive your way into the virtual world.  
5. Remember to bring a camera! Posing around for fun completes the museum experience! 

Hope you guys learned a thing or two from this post. I recommend finding time to head over there. It's a fun interactive experience. It would be lovely if you tag your "kiddie" friends along. Their curiosity would amuse you.

The Mind Museum
JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Ticket Prices: 
Php 150 for Teachers + Public School Students
Php 450 for Private School Students (remember to bring your IDs to get the discount)
Php 600 Adults + Students who forgot their IDs at home
Php 750 All day-pass (enter anytime you like, exit anytime you like in short - until magsawa ka sa Mind Museum)

You may purchase your tickets online, here.
Directions on how to go there, here.

Dora song plays "Lo hicimos we did it, we did it," 

Dora Marquez ooops I mean, Jess!


  1. nice photos, I haven't been to Mind Museum yet, probably soon! Thank you for visiting my blog dear :)


    1. thank you! Try to visit soon. ;)

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  6. This looks amazing. I love museums!! Very cool. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you have a super day! x

  7. I love museums!! This looks like the Museum of Science and Industry we have in Chicago!!

    1. Oh cool! I starting to love museums now. :)

  8. Hello Jess! Thanks for your visit and kind comment to my blog! Would you like to follow each other??
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