An Art Gallery Visit

Thursday, June 7, 2012

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        When I was a kid, I thought being an artist is everyone's dream profession. You can't blame me for thinking that way. Painting, coloring and drawing used to be everyone's favorite past time. The 64-crayon box is part of everyone's wish list for Christmas. My parents would always sign me up for art workshops during the summer. And during one summer, they enrolled me for an art workshop over at the Amorsolo's. It was a dream come true. 
     That was back then, when I didn't know anything about the economy, the stock exchange, rising prices of gasoline and all the other things the adults are worried about. As I grew up, I became more confused. Adults started saying, "walang pera diyan sa art" (you can't earn a lot of money in art). I began to question, "what's the purpose of signing me up to all those art workshops?". "Those classes were just All along, I thought they were preparing me for the competitive world out there!"
IMG_6167Just imagine the excitement I felt when my friend asked me if I can go with her to visit an art gallery. I sure did feel like a kid again. It's like summer art camp all over again. We visited an art gallery featuring the artworks of an artist named Juno Parungao. (that's using "art" three times in a sentence!) I'm no art curator, but her artworks are pretty amazing! It's quite obvious that her artworks are highly inspired by astrology. Once you try to read the descriptions, you'll find out that there are artworks perfect for every astrological sign. Then once you take a good look at her work, you'll notice the materials she used (yup, it's not just paint) She used stones, crystals and gems to add texture to the artworks. 
Disclaimer: All the things mentioned above are just thoughts of  (I repeat) a non-art expert/ art curator. 
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"An artwork inspired by gems and crystals" by Juno Parungao

Maybe my idea of art as the perfect profession was wrong. But one thing is for sure, every kid is an artist and parents should still give their kids crayons, paint brushes, glitters, stamps and all those fancy schmancy art materials. iPads may seem like the perfect toy but art materials are the perfect tools to enhance a child's creativity. Parents, do your kids a favor and buy them that 64-crayon box! (you see it's waaaay cheaper than the oh-so-famous-dubbed-as-the-perfect-toy... iPad haha) 
JIV Manila & Young Artists' Studio Gallery
Located at 2C 2nd floor, CK bldg., # 61 Visayas Ave., Quezon City
Art Consultant/ Visual Artist: Ms. Juno Parungao (+639178358335)
P.S. If you're on a lookout for artworks to decorate your place then this place is definitely worth a visit!



  1. Love art gallery showings! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog!

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    1. Don't you just find it inspiring? :)