What's in my School Bag?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

IMG_6659 copy IMG_6648 copy
I'm heading off to the Manila Food and Beverage Expo in a few minutes so I'm just gonna make this quick. 

To force myself to prepare my things for school tomorrow, I made a "What's in my bag" School Edition. These are the essentials, btw. If you do know me in person, you would see me always toting a humongous bag in school. People think I have a pet elephant inside my bag. haha. Just kidding. But yea, these are the stuff inside. 

What do you guys have inside your school bags? Share them with me! 

P.S. Yup I have the most basic phone ever unearthed. haha 


  1. I was going to do the same post yesterday :)) Love your wallet, bebe!

    1. Haha you should do one! I bet you have a lot of interesting stuff in your bag.
      Thanks, I got it for Php 150 in Bangkok. :))

  2. yeah my bag is a mess like all the time i have so much stuff in there that is unnecessary! looks like you are a little better at editing maybe