PFW S/S 2013: SM Men's Fashion Show

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fashion shows are bizarre. 
Not the bad weird. The good weird.
The one that makes you fall in line without even complaining.
The one that makes you wear five inch heels even if you know that you're a clumsy woman.
 And oh yes, the one that makes you act all prim and proper when you are really up for some intense fangirling.
Last week, I was so lucky to experience that 'good weird' of fashion shows. I, along with Xavier, attended the SM Men's Fashion Show at the SMX Convention Center. I haven't attended a men's fashion show before so attending this one feels like a breath of fresh air. 
I was so fascinated by this rainbow-ombre' trend going on. 
Color accented suits and polos seems to be very 'in' next season.
Congratulations to all the designers during the show! An amusing show indeed!

How's your fashion show experience? Share them to me! 

Photo credits goes to Xavier Cruz of Beyond the Ordinary

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