Light Washed

Sunday, February 3, 2013


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| Top: Promod | Denim Pants: Amisu | Wedges: Carla Beroti | Sunglasses: Seventeen by Cinderella | 

Don't you just love receiving 'accidental' gifts? 
This pair of light washed denim pants is actually my sister's. She bought it at her recent trip. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit her really well so she opted to give it to me as an accidental gift/pasalubong instead. I adore the fact that it fits me perfectly. It's like my own version of the traveling pants minus the part wherein I get to share it with a few friends. 
Hmmm I wonder if I can find someone whom I can share this pair of pants with? 
I have to convince my sister to start dieting! Haha kidding!

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  1. Nice clean look and let me just say, I'm crazy for those shoes! Thanks for stopping by my facebook page :)

    1. Thanks Maita, I was really going for the clean look!

  2. I love the color of the jeans! :) Thanks for following :)

  3. love your jeans and pretty top!

  4. I love those jeans and wished I had a sister so that I could trade clothes with her :)

  5. Love this look! So fresh and so put together! Nice one :)

    I love your blog! I really enjoyed looking at your posts. Specially your photos! They are just so creative and artistic, I love that they're are very clear and informative :) I just followed you on GFC! I hope you can visit my blog and maybe do the same? I would love that! Thank you and looking forward to more posts from you!


  6. Lovely... Very elegant. Have a great day. Xoxo V.V.

  7. You look really very lovely, honey! :) Those pants are so cute.
    All the best,

    Jana & Vanessa from charming Berlin <3

  8. Love your blog!
    Hugs from Sweden!

  9. Thanks so much for your comment, following you on GFC, hope you follow back XO