New In: The Perks of Having Small Feet

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Shoes 2
My family and I have been preparing for a trip this upcoming weekend. We go through the usual preparations - confirming our flight, booking the hotel, researching for those must-see places and of course the fun part, preparing the outfits! We've been pulling out and collecting our long-neglected thick jackets and sweaters for weeks now. As I look into my pile of travel clothes,  I knew that there's one thing missing... a pair of boots! I've always wanted to own some sort of legit boots cause the ones I have are for porma purposes only. I went window shopping for boots but the ones that I found are expensive and not practical to purchase. I was close to giving up when my sister suggested we try to check the department store. Lo and behold, I found some nice-looking, reasonably-priced boots... in the kids section.

Surprise surprise! The boots actually fit me! Because of the reasonably-priced boots, Mom even allowed me to buy another pair of flats! Talk about a lucky shopping day! And if ever you're curious about my shoe size, I wear a size 5. I used to hate the fact that I really have small feet. It's a constant reminder that I'm petite and short. But after that day, I realized that having small feet isn't so bad after all.

Flats and boots from the SM Department Store


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  1. Wow! You're lucky you have small feet, all good things usually come in small sizes, and I'm a size 9-10, so that's either plain or too expensive! hahaha