Seoul, Korea Day 2: Lotte World

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea
Welcome to largest indoor theme park in the world!
Families traveling to Korea must schedule a visit to at least one theme park. It's either Lotte World or Everland but if you're the adventure-seeking type you can even choose to visit both!

How to get there: Ride the subway, alight at Jamsil Station Subway Line 2 then take exit #3. Follow the Lotte World signs at the exit.

Admission Fee: KRW 40,000 for adults (Php 1,600) If you're a foreigner, just bring your passport and you'll get a 15% discount therefore making it KRW 34,000 (Php 1,360). You may purchase your tickets at the self-ticketing counter (automated machine) or at the amusement park entrance itself. 
IMG_0006 IMG_0019 IMG_0012 IMG_0025
Awww little kids are just way too adorable for words.
IMG_0041 IMG_0070 IMG_0031 IMG_0049IMG_0038
Excuse our obsession with the Korean poses. We just made the most out of the opportunity to do so. lol.
You can buy waffles for KRW 3,000 (Php 120). A word of caution though, the waffle server didn't use gloves while putting the icing and chocolate syrup. If you're overly conscious on proper food preparation then I suggest that you skip the waffle and look for other snacks available within the area.
We weren't able to ride too many rides because the queues at the rides are way too long. You have to wait for 30 mins to an hour depending on the ride. I don't really like the feeling of falling in line for too long so my sister and I agreed to go ice skating instead! We paid KRW 9,500 (Php 380).
It already includes the ice skating rink admission and skates rental. Be sure to bring gloves so you wouldn't need to purchase new ones at their store.
After ice skating, we took the subway to Myeongdong and searched for an authentic Korean Restaurant. Luckily, we found one that will even require you to eat while in an indian sitting position.

Notice the amount of side dishes served! Now tell me, who could resist a Korean meal?

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