Bugis in Singapore

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Now for the last part of my travel series episode 1. 
To those people who went to my blog expecting and wanting to find makeup/clothing/fashion/beauty related posts, just skip these travel posts. hihi. 

Traveling is just my second love so can't help but post. 

Goodmorning sunshine! Last day in Singapore. :( I look happy in this photo but to be honest, i'm dying inside. I'm so not ready to leave SG just yet. Still more places to explore. huhu. 

A shot of the buildings outside our hotel window.
 Love the fact that even the buildings are somehow organized in a certain manner. 

Our unmade beds. 
We were so in a rush to eat breakfast and make the most out of our last day. But we did tidy this up a little bit before leaving. 

Of course, we can't forget to hear mass first. 
(Sacred Heart Church)

Thank you, God, for this super wonderful opportunity to experience the beautiful country of Singapore even for just three days. :)

Yay -- now ready to do some last minute shopping! Hopped in the MRT Dhoby Ghaut and went to Orchard station to visit Wisma Atria

We're here. Woot woot!

On our way back to the hotel for checking out. 

I don't know what this photo is all about. :|

Oh! my sister is trying to capture the full-sized DOMO right thur!

Can you see it? Can you see it? hihi

I wonder who was first. Jollibee or Jollibean? 

I sure do hope it's Jollibee! 

Look at the font it's certainly the same. 

Shopping at Bugis Street Market! 

Saw gazillion piles of clothes, shoes and bags.

 Almost identical to Greenhills Shopping Center here in the Phils. 

Magsawa sa phone covers! haha

Of course! I can't miss their one-dollar Wall's ice cream sandwich. 

It's like Selecta here. They prefer to call it Wall's in SG. 

Stopped by IKEA but wasn't able to buy anything. 

It's not like you can go to the airport and carry a 200 lbs table. haha.

So yea empty handed is the way to go. :(

My last meal in SG! Korean food, my fave! lalalalove love Bibimbap!

My sister being extremely excited for her new shoes from Forever 21 SG. 

Back in MNL!

That's a wrap, guys Hope you enjoyed my travel series episode 1. 
Also hope you learned a thing or two. ;) 

Jess the traveler

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