Sentosa, Singapore

Monday, May 23, 2011

After our whole adventure in Universal Studios Singapore, we took some last-minute shots with the ubiquitous universal globe. Really, who went to Singapore without this photo? haha no one I'm guessing. 

Now my sister's shot with the arms-wide-open-pose. :)) 

Shopped around the stores outside USS. The chocolate shops, Reese's, Hershey's, etc..

Managed to also grab a bag of Garrett's Popcorn. Omg this is totally hard core. Lalove love their caramel ones! Definitely something you guys should try out. Just a little bit of a trivia the cashiers in the stores that we've been to (outside USS) are in general Filipinas! It's so much better to communicate with them!  

Garrett's Popcorn! Now my fave but oh just be cautious, I bet a mini bag has gazillions of calories.

 Oh no it might lead to a tina the talking tummy comeback!

Rode the Sentosa Express again and went to the Sky Luge Station. 

This ride was really fun. If you guys are with your family and/or friends, it's something worth trying. :) 

It's 12.50 SGD per person (adult price)

beautiful paper cranes over at the Sentosa Express entrance

Shopping at Cotton On (Vivo City). Managed to purchase a printed sleeveless top
Watch my haul in Youtube

At Ben & Jerry's but didn't purchase anything. haha

Went to ION Orchard Mall afterwards

I'm on my way to their Food Opera in this photo. Omg just typing "Food Opera" makes me crave for Singaporean food. @-)

Grabbed a Happy Lemon drink after dinner. 
It's just a bit odd that their pearls a lot smaller than ours. I wonder why. :|

Anyway, that's for my Singapore Day 2. Don't worry Singapore Day 3 coming right up. :)

Definitely excited for my next trip -- Europe here I come. WWYD 2011. 

How's summer so far? post your comments down below! 



  1. Heyya, I just bloghopped by and I noticed your post. Singapore's awesome and this place is filled with more awesomeness with all the pinoys here because my mom's also a pinoy! Heeeheeee. Love this post, keep it going :)

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  3. @Angela hey thanks for that sweet comment. yea can't wait to go back to SG!