Good Vibes Monday

Monday, June 13, 2011

DLSU Centennial Bazaar started today and I'm really happy with the outcome. Hope same thing goes until Friday. 

This day made me realize how much I miss joining bazaars. :| It's been awhile.

To share my day, here are some shots my sister took: 

Our lovely booth. Visit us at Miguel Walk! (Booth #80 beside Fancy Flats)

The energy in DLSU is so different, prolly cause of its huge and, not to mention, diverse population. 

I guess I'm just not used to seeing so much people my own age. 

The world is so small in UA&P. But don't get me wrong, I still love our oh-so-small world in UA&P. It makes you feel as if you know everyone studying in that school. hihi. 


Just a tad bit of an outfit post

(top, HK; skirt, Forever21; flats, CMG; bag; EGG; bangles, random places mostly tiangges)

See you tom, DLSU! 


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