Of Togas and Diplomas

Monday, October 17, 2011

My sister graduated yesterday! 
You know we're all proud of you. First graduate in the family! 

Haha feeling madaming magkakapatid. Just so you know, we're just two. :)) 

 Went to Sambo Kojin in EDSA for her celebratory dinner! 
lalalove it there! There are just so much things to choose from. 

Not to mention, their abundant/unlimited supply of tempuraUnlike their biggest competitor, kailangan hustler ang peg para lang makakuha ng tempura. Seriously, not even exaggerating! One second there's tempura, then the next second all gone! Just like that. 

With the cooked dishes, they have an enormous selection too! They have spicy chicken, spicy squid, beef stew, tonkatsu, and the list goes on! 

Go, go, go! Try out Sambo Kojin. It is pricey for a meal though but it's perfect for birthdays and celebratory dinners. 
I look so haggard. Come on, hell week just ended. #excuses

 Meet my ever-so-adorable cousin, Migu! 
He's so shy around us but when it comes to photo-ops, alam na. Unleash the dragon! 
You can't miss a crazy family photo-op! 

Mommy, wacky nga e! Hindi pacute. :)) 



Sambo Kojin 207 EDSA, San Juan
Sambo Kojin’s buffet rates:
Monday to Friday Lunch PHP 495 No left-over price (regular price PHP 595) *except for holidays*
Monday to Sunday Dinner PHP 595 No left-over price (regular price PHP 695)
Saturday and Sunday Lunch PHP 595 No left-over price (regular price PHP 695)
Children’s price 
PHP 295 No left-over price (regular price PHP 395)
For reservations, call 421-0145 or 421-0146. Sambo Kojin is open from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

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