BDJ Fair 2011 X The Bling Project

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheers for that awesome weekend at the Belle De Jour Fair 2011! 

The Eastwood Mall Open Park was pretty much jam-packed even with the felt presence of the scorching sun. BDJ girls around the metro gathered at the fair to witness all the good stuff -- tons of were prizes given away, influential speakers shared what they know about traveling and everything in between. 

You know what they say, "BDJ girls love to travel and they do it in style!"

Now, time to find the most magnificent booth - no other than - The Bling Project booth! (in my opinion, of course) There's nothing wrong with being biased sometimes. haha. 
They even have these signs to help people find their way. Good job BDJ organizers! 
Spotted! The Bling Project along with Light Spire. 
Light Spire is a company that provides photo/video coverage for events.
What a bling dream! All of these and more at our multiply site
Parang tv advertisement lang ha. 
Look at that! What a crowd! 
I always wanted a pet dog. just saying. 
 Grab a Belle De Jour Planner! You'll get a 15% The Bling Project discount coupon. 

There are a lot more brand coupons inside, don't dare to miss. 

I'm giving away a BDJ planner here in my blog, just click this link to know more about the giveaway details. 

 You gotta love em more! 100% of entrance proceeds will be donated to the students of Romblon. 
Talk about earning while giving. 
Kapag tinamad ka na maglakad-lakad, pwede ka pang mag bungee jump. 

Feeling mo nasa Cirque de Soleil ka na rin. Look at ate, diba feeling gymnast! Sumo-somersault ang peg. 
Kahit haggard, smile lang ng smile. 
What is bongga-sity? The Bling Project's logo side by side with Selecta and Nivea logos.  Boost of ego! 
Pa-effect lang! Pagbigyan. 
#1 blockbuster hit! - Etude House. Excited sila manalo ng mini-me products!
 Seryoso, gusto ko ng ganito. Anong sabi ni Mercedes at Volvo kay BEH? 
FYI, Screen name lang niya yung Betsy, pero real name niya ay Beh, yan ang patunay. haha
 Kahit tirik na tirik ang araw, go lang BDJ girls, shot lang ng shot! Basta drink moderately ha
The fashion show! Clothes were provided by Promod and Parfois.  

And guest of the night...
Mother Becky, Miss D in the flesh! 

Really, not kidding. She's the epitome of pagkabongga! 
 What is height kung height? Obviously, she was wide awake when God showered height blessings! (if there's such a thing)

Paano naman ako either naka-payong ako or natutulog na naman. Not that I'm complaining, just saying. hihi. 
 Tip of the night: Layering is the key when traveling! 
"Syempre gusto niyo iba ibang damit. Pang Facebook din yun, Aminin!" - Divine Lee

 There were even performances! Belly dancing and singing! 
Beyond doubt, I had an uh-amaaaazing day at the fair! (oa na yung pag-amazing ko)

See you BDJ girls next year! 

blazer: Pull & Bear, tank top: Cotton On, necklace: The Bling Project, pants: Forever21; wedges: H&M Paris

Proud to be The Bling Project owner and BDJ girl!

(Effort kung effort and post na ito! haha)

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  1. ang ganda ng mga picture, esp the one taken from the top and a photo of miss devine lee :)