Perfect Time to Nurse a Book Obsession

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fully Booked had their annual sale at the 4/L The Forum at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street! 

It would be a sheer bliss moment to any book lover. 

I was able to snag not two, not three, but six books! And you wouldn't believe how much I paid. 

My bill was 450 pesos! 

(yes, oo, for six books na yun, close your mouth na --huwag na masuprise)
It would be kinda stupid if I even type the titles. So read the lang, okay? Haha. 
Paperback books for 50 pesos each! (O, huwag na kuripot)
Hardbound books for 100 pesos! 

You might ask, what's the catch? 

"Baka naman sira sira na yan ha."
"Baka naman may kulang na yan na pages."
"Baka naman 19 kopong kopong pa yang mga books na yan"

And yes, people due their untrusting nature might even have a long list of questions after that. 
But seriously, there is no catch! The books are in either their great or mint condition. These books are fairly new! They even have Gossip Girl books for crying out loud. 

Some books might have page or cover folds or dusty page covers but that's the worst of it. 

Go to the Fully Booked online website for more details, event updates and special offers! 


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