The One That Got Away

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Have you seen Katy Perry's 'The One That Got Away' music video? It is so amazing that I wish they would turn it into a movie. Don't you think that movie producers and directors spend so much time creating movies about teenage love and that youthful bliss that comes with it? But they rarely feature old people who are still in love. They would always make it a point to Hollywood-ize attraction and love. 

Most probably the reason why 'The Notebook' was such a hit! It talks about both -- young love and that great everlasting love. Well, I think they should come up with more of those kind of films. 

The whole movie talk is totally not related to my outfit. haha. But yea random thoughts in my head that I just wanna share. 
 What I wore today. Went to hear mass at the Holy Family Chapel in Eastwood then roamed around the place. 
top: Bayo, cardigan: Mango, skirt: thrifted, flats: Pill, bag: Supersale Bazaar, shades: SM Dept. store
Thanks to my sister, Anna, for always taking my photos! 

Don't take anyone for granted cause you might lose them at the end. :( 

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