A Sendong Christmas

Monday, December 26, 2011

Over the years, people kept trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive. People have always been preparing the grandest feasts, giving the most majestic gifts that they could think of, wearing their best clothes and even wearing their biggest smiles. But I know that Christmas of 2011 is a lot harder to celebrate for many of us, especially the victims of the typhoon Sendong.

In times like this, we can’t help but question. Why now when it’s Christmas? Why us? Why here?
 We can always play the blaming game so that we could assure ourselves that’s it not our fault.
 Blame the government. Bash the insensitive. Curse the unconcerned.
But that wouldn’t put anyone in a better place, would it? 

And guess what, the truth is NO ONE should be blamed. No one wanted this to happen.
 And I realized, all we can do is nothing but give.

Give HOPE. Give JOY.
Give LOVE in our own little ways.

And yes through that, we are keeping the Christmas spirit alive, even without all the lechons in the world

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

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