Always the Odd One

Monday, December 26, 2011

I know, I know. The Holiday season means wearing red and green or other bright colors! 
But just as the title says, I'm "always the odd one". My outfit is obviously from the basics palette. Everything is just plain and basic. 
Well I guess, I don't really feel like dressing up so much this year. Just like what I said from my previous post, It is a lot harder to celebrate Christmas this year so thus the outfit. 
It's like a Santa Claus tummy bump! :)) 
But in my defense, you don't always have to wear bright colors and be all giddy to show that you're happy. It's about what you feel inside that really matters. uyy sentimental. haha 
Top: Giordano, vest: Divisoria, pants: Forever21, wedges: H&M, bag: The Bling Project

Still happy and grateful for all the blessings!

Looking forward for 2012 

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