When You Turn 21

Sunday, January 15, 2012

When you turn 21, You….

1) Are forced to face the world and act like a grown up
Stating the obvious. Most people graduate at the age of 21. And you know what comes after graduation – the sometimes dreadful and sometimes exciting *drumroll* -- JOB HUNT
Job hunts can pretty much be a fun topic to dream of but sometimes the pressure (especially when you have graduated a year ago) spells no fun at all.

2) Can no longer use the “I’m too young” excuse
You know those times few times when you feel like being a KJ and you don’t wanna drink, party out and go to a casino. You can always say “I’m too young, I’m not even allowed to enter”. But when you turn 21, you have to consult your excuse book and make up new ones. Haha.

3) Have to replace fun silly things with more serious stuff
Remember the flubber jars, Chinese garters and fuzzy balls?  We used to treat them as if they’re sacred things. These things made our childhood so happy and magical but sad to say, when you turn 21, you are left with no choice but to start dumping those kiddie things into the trashcan. As much as you want to keep them and treasure the memories, you do want your room to look more “lady and business-like”.  

And guess who turned 21?
Haha No. Not me. It’s my sister, actually.
We went to Omakase last Tuesday to celebrate her 21st birthday. Yes, we went to a Japanese resto once again. 
There's the birthday girl! 
Buti naman at naisipan mo na ring suotin ang blazer na bigay ko! Baka lang naman kasi malaos na ang animal print at hindi mo pa rin sinusuot.  
Awkward angle shot!
Went to Frutti FroYo afterwards! 
I feel like it’s just a month ago when we would share a room and we would play Harvest Moon until our eyeballs pop out. Haha. Okay that’s exaggerating. But we would wake up really early or stay up late just to play Harvest Moon in our playstation or Harry Potter in our shared Gameboy Advance. And now, she has graduated from college and now working at a fashion company brand.
I couldn’t imagine life without my sister. She was my guide, my laughing buddy, my patient photographer, and ultimately my best friend.  
Happy happy birthday Ate Anna. I know I seldom call you “ate” because I think ate+anna doesn’t really match. So please cherish this “once in a blue moon” moment. Haha
I love you.
Your baby (or feeling baby lang) sister


  1. So okay, Im turning 21 on the 24th and you scared the hell out of meeee. :p Hahahaha!


    1. Haha I didn't mean to! Hihi. But being 21 has its own perks. Make it fun and have a blast on your 21st year! Advance Happy Birthday! :)