Of Chocolates, Flowers and Teddy Bears

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine’s Day
It’s so amazing how those two words can bring out a variety of emotions.

Excited. Lonely. Giddy. Bitter. Anxious. Ecstatic. Mortified, even. 

It just depends on the state where you are now. For couples, it might be planning out that dream date and spending a lovely evening together. Delighted, happy, elated – check.  For the singles who just went through a bad break up, it might be the toughest situation they have ever been into. Depressed, lonely – check. For other singles, believe it or not, some are actually contented with just being single and happy.  Contented, satisfied – check. But no matter where you stand and whatever situation you are in, emotions will all stem from expectations.

Well as for me, I had truly no expectations. All I know is that it’s supposed to be a lovely day and I better give out chocolates bars to my friends. And so I did.
But other than that, I’ve concluded, even days before that I’d go home empty-handed. And little did I know that I would go home with a big *ss bouquet.
The universe has its own way of turning things around. I have said it before but to that wonderful person who sent these lovely flowers --
What a surprise. WOW LANG TALAGA. You’re very much appreciated. :)


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