Tummy is Happy Diaries: Kogi Bulgogi

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I consider my love for Korean food -- "a love at first bite". 
 Ever since a friend invited me to a Korean restaurant near the university, I knew in that moment that I have forget all my dreams of successfully completing a full month-diet plan.  
I had no choice but to welcome back Tina the talking tummy with wide open arms. 
Seriously, sino bang hindi tataba? Appetizer pa lang, winiwish mo na sana hindi pumutok yung button ng jeans mo

But who cares? Nevermind Tina. I can't let a month pass without Korean food in my life. 
It's like life without love, a year without rain. Kidding. :)) 
Going to the point of my story, my uncle treated us to Kogi Bulgogi for his birthday! 
Let the photos start the talking... 
Haemul Pa Jeon - They say it's complimentary once you've reached a Php 1000 worth of purchase. Nothing fancy, it's some sort of an omelette with spring onions. Well, I guess it's nice to have this as to balance out the taste from the other flavorful dishes. 
House Salad - Well to be honest, I didn't even attempt to taste this. I'm not very fond of salad. They say it tastes like Caesar salad but with a korean twist. 
All the appetizers -- just the usual-- spicy dilis, kimchi, quail eggs, honey-coated peanuts, beansprouts and bitter melon. 
Sam Gyup Sal Ssambap - Rice with pork and lettuce. I like the fact that the pork is tender and easy to eat. As for the taste, I feel like I'm eating pork with light teriyaki sauce. 
Sae-u (Tempura) - Prawn tempura in tempura batter. Tastes just like Japanese tempura. I guess the only difference is the coating, this one has more crumbs than the usual Japanese tempura. 
The interior is inviting, especially for a person like me -- a sucker for any place that's simple and minimalistic yet creatively presented. 
Time for dessert! One brand comes to mind -- MELONA! 
Don't get me wrong, I love the other kinds -- the red bean fish ice cream and the strawberry yogurt one but I can't manage to remember the other brands. haha 

Drooling now? Head over to Libis! 
Have a Kogi Bulgogi experience


Restaurant Address: 
2nd Level, New Eastwood Mall
E. Rodriguez Ave. (C-5), 
Bagumbayan Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: (63 2) 470-6884 to 85

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