Alice in Wonderland

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I almost forgot I had this dress. Good thing I kinda cleaned up my closet. Emphasize on the KINDA. 
Btw the tat is obviously not real, it's just henna. I seriously can't imagine myself getting permanently inked. Not to mention, the fact that my parents will kill me. 
Whenever I see heart prints like these first thing that comes into my mind -- Alice in Wonderland! 
Do you guys remember our childhood days?  

I rarely wear shoes like these. 
I'm usually spotted wearing flats or wedges so yea this is quite a good thing to try (something for a change). My mom told me she would no longer buy me new shoes if I don't wear the ones I have, so ta daaa, I wore these even though it's not practical with the sunny weather. haha 
denim cover up: thrifted, dress: HK
bag: SM Dept store, shoes: HDY, ring: The Bling Project
Hope you guys are having a great week! 

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