Scarf Prints

Monday, April 23, 2012

Scarf Prints
Scarf-print blouses. 
I was on the lookout for them during my entire trip in Bangkok. 
To my dismay, I didn't find a lot. I managed to purchase one. One. One scarf-print silk blouse. How sad. I don't know whether if it's because our trip was too short or they just haven't got over with the whole dainty-unprinted-peter pan collared-sheer blouses trend. 

While window shopping awhile ago, I saw some scarf-print blouses over at Zara. I can't get myself to buy an expensive blouse when I know that my wishlist is still overflowing with more 'useful' things. And so here I am in the middle of night, 'nightdreaming' and pretending that these lovely pieces are inside my closet waiting to be worn.