Terminal 21, Bangkok Day 1

Saturday, April 21, 2012

If there is a Saks Fifth Avenue for Carrie Bradshaw and Henri Bendel's for Blair Waldorf then there's gotta be the city of Bangkok for Jessnothinless. I think I may have found my favorite shopping destination! Bangkok is such a magical shopping haven for a recessionista like me. 
And since I'm still quite speechless, let the pictures paint thousands of words for you. 
A Crazy Thing Called Love movie watching while waiting for the sun to rise! 
The hotel room where we stayed at for 2 nights. Photo was taken at Chaophya Park Hotel.  
You can't possibly leave Bangkok without having a taste of Thai food! 
Their Thai Iced Tea! Ahhhhhhhh! I'm in love with this. Thank goodness, I managed to snag a few packs of the powdered drink before I leave the city. 
What's left of their Songkran Festival. The taxi driver told us it's like their New Year -- Thai-style. 
The Thai people had a foam bubble party here. They were singing, dancing, jumping up and down all at the same time -- they were even armed with toy water guns! I can only imagine how fun it should have been if we joined.
Terminal 21. An airport-themed mall. 
Each floor represents a city. There's a floor for Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, London, etc... You've got to check it out yourself. Even the bathrooms are artistically built!
The Sumo with the blue belt is looking at me. Ahhhhhhhhhh I've gotta make a decision, quick! 
Run for the exit or be squished alive? 
Indeed, it is the home of beautiful and artistically made affordable goods. 
It's my first time to feel like I can buy anything I want in the world as long as I stay away from designer malls. I feel so grateful to be able to witness the fashion, culture, living, taste and creativity of the Thai people and what can I say, I'm already impressed-- and it's just the first day! I remember sleeping that night feeling all excited for our next day tour there. 

Stay tune for Bangkok Day 2! 


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    1. Yeah it was pretty cool! Wish I could join next time. :)