Bro League!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I feel like a spy. Maybe I am one right now? 
I'm at a coffee shop and counting the number of people entering this certain business establishment that I am in. I'm even using a clicker to do it! Haha. Okay, I'm not really a spy -- just a nosy little teenager trying to do her market research. 

Moving on with my actual topic, I attended the Bro League event last Saturday over at St. Paul College Pasig and sold The Bling Project accessories! The Bro League event is actually a volleyball tournament organized by the Paulinians to help pay for their teacher's medical fees. So to tell you more...(hands over the imaginary mic to the photos and let them do the talking) 

Our current best seller -- Peter Pan Collar Necklace
Can't get enough? Visit The Bling Project here
My friend and I shared the booth space as to lessen the rental expense. 
Better visit his store - WARDROBE, soon to be open at the Montalban Town Center! Here's a bit of a sneak peek of what you can expect to see at his store! 
some candy colored shorts for only Php 250! Such a steal!
UA&P EM students represent!
Thank you to all those who supported The Bling Project! Cheers to more bazaar events! 

Have a lovely start of the week, everyone! 



  1. those accessories are all so pretty! and i really like that yellow top! :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. I love the accessories they are so cute!

  3. Thanks Beeca! You can check the accessories at We ship worldwide!