When Coco Meets Marie

Friday, May 18, 2012

Have you ever wondered how Marie Antoinette would look like in the 21st century? 
Better ask THE Karl Lagerfeld cause I'm pretty sure he has a clear vision of the modern-day Marie Antoinette! 

Karl Lagerfeld recently staged the Chanel's 2013 Cruise Collection at the Chateau Versailles, France. He lead the team in showcasing a collection inspired by Marie Antoinette's taste and lifestyle.

According to style.com, "Lagerfeld has proved himself a master of this high-low hybrid in recent times. Here, formal eighteenth-century details, like panniers and fichus, were re-created in casual twenty-first-century fabrics—chambray, tech denims, even plastics—dressed up with frothy lace ruffles and cuffs, and dressed down with gold platform trainers and short shorts. Occasionally awkward though it may have been, the lightness, the girlishness, of the clothes had a balletic quality, reflective perhaps of Louis' own love of dance."

Evidently, you can see the 'glamorous-luxurious' touch to the pieces but the collection remains "very Chanel" since it stayed true to what Coco Chanel was known for -- liberating women from unpractical and too 'tight' garments. You can spot frilly dresses in the collection but one thing is definitely not present, Chanel's some sort of enemy -- the dreadfully tight corsets. Indeed, this collection strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style. 

Here are my top picks: 

Disclaimer: Photos are not my own. Photos are posted at style.com. You can check them out here

Which one's your favorite? 



  1. i love love love the last one! :D

    <3, Mimi
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    1. I love the last one too! Thanks Mimi!