Of Holidays and Goodbyes

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm getting old.
Whenever holidays are coming up, I get that irksome feeling that I'm gonna be a year older again. That's the sad part about being born on December. It's like the happiest and saddest month of the year.   It's the happiest cause you feel extra loved on your birthday because everyone seems to know that it's your birthday even though they're only notified by Facebook and the holiday environment makes all the grumpy boys and girls turn into cheerful creatures. It's the saddest cause you get to bid goodbye to your young self and welcome the new age digits into your life. And of course, all must say bye-bye to another year and welcome a new one!
IMG_8501 IMG_8508 IMG_8496
| Bag, Accessorize | Wedges, H&M | Necklace, The Bling Project |

Oh what can I say, Year 2013, Bring it on!


P.S. I know this post looks like it's suppose to be for the new year's but yea I'm overly anticipating everything. 


  1. I can definitely relate to that! Hope you have a great birthday! You look amazing! Love the outfit!


  2. happy biethdya lovely lady- your floral pants are super chic! xx

  3. wow! this is such a great outfit! love the colors and the pants <3