All White

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Greeting everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!
(Slash hearts day slash single awareness day slash insert whatever rocks your boat day here)
No, this is not what I wore today. I can't imagine myself wearing an all white ensemble during hearts day. Not that there's anything wrong with wearing white but it's just a some sort of a tradition for me to wear something red or pink whenever it's that 14th of February. So if you're wondering why I posted this outfit photo - well, this is what I wore yesterday during the Ash Wednesday Mass. I figured that I'll be spotted having a huge black cross on my forehead so why not wear white to balance out everything. Does that even make sense to you? 

I'm still deciding on what to give up this season of Lent. I thought of shopping in an instant but I just don't think I can completely say NO to that so I'm thinking of something else. Hmm what do you guys have in mind? 


  1. I like the white ensemble :D I'm a sucker for white dresses. They're clean and anything you want them to be. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Your white dress is so pretty and I love the cute sandals!

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