BTS: Yearbook Photoshoot

Monday, February 25, 2013

IMG_8929 IMG_8798 IMG_8822 IMG_8967 IMG_8975 IMG_8939 IMG_8927
I haven't been posting anything interesting or anything at all lately. So I thought of sharing these behind the scenes photos from the yearbook photo shoot. 
I can't believe I'm going to graduate in a couple of months. I haven't figured if I'm ready to leave college and start with the job hunting and handling all the responsibilities of a 'fresh graduate' (e.g. never allow myself to become a bum). What I am sure of is that I am truly grateful to all those people who have been part of my phenomenal college experience. I've met great personalities along the way and l'm glad I did. They taught me lessons that are far more important than lessons learned inside the  classroom. Although my college days are almost over, the journey continues and I'm more than excited to face what's ahead



  1. Wow yearbook photos have changed since I left school :D You look really nice and congratulations on your coming graduation!

  2. ahhh graduating is definitely scary, but also an amazing accomplishment :) That red dress is stunning on you

    Mili from call me, Maeby