Beat the Heat

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is it just me or the heat in Manila is really getting more and more unbearable? 
Consequently, people on twitter are getting more and more creative on their weather rants. They're saying that walking on the streets with just one's underwear should be legalized. Although I beg to differ on that, I would love if all the whistling boys will forever be eliminated so ladies can freely wear shorts and sleeveless tops without having the fear of being whistled on. 
As for my own summer outfit, this is what I'll be wearing on my friend's grad party this afternoon. I want to make sure that I'll be wearing something that is weather-friendly but still decent. I don't wanna walk around at the place looking like I just came from the beach. 
How about you guys, how does your summer outfit look like? Can you feel the crazy heat too? 

/ Cinderella dress but worn as top / Necklace from Bangkok / Bershka skirt / H&M heels / 


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