Max Factor Colour Effect Flipstick Review

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It's now time to get creative with your lipstick! 
max factor colour effect flipstick
Max Factor launched a double-ended lip product, a lipstick with a smooth creamy pigmented finish in one end and a lip gloss with a translucent metallic finish on the other. This lip product doesn’t only give you the privilege of having two lip products in the price of one but it also allows you take your creative skills to the next level by encouraging you to try new lipstick tricks. 

The Lipstick Trick
Max Factor suggests you to try this new lipstick trick: outline your lips with the lipstick then apply the lip gloss to the center. The result would highlight the center of the lips and would give your lips a texturized fuller lips effect ala Angelina Jolie.

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Moisturizing Properties
If you’re prone of having cracked lips, this product might be your best bet. It has moisturizing properties that’s contained within a wax structure that allows the color to glide onto your lips and lets you ‘Flipstick’ with ease.

I won’t rave about the packaging. I think it could've been better if they made use of opaque transparent lipstick caps instead of transparent ones. 

The product is available in Max Factor makeup counters nationwide at the SRP of Php 625.00. I think the price is reasonable enough given the fact that you have a lipstick, a lipgloss and a chance to really get creative with it.

The collection comes in 8 flipsticks: Bloomy Pink, Folky Pink, Boreal Mauve, Mosaic Mauve, Salsa Red, Gipsy Red, Swingy Brown and Melody Brown.

  I love the fact that you can just bring one product and the possibilities are already endless. You can also head over to Fleur De Force’s blog and you’ll see more of what I mean. (Have you heard of rhinestones lip art?) I say you give this product a try and test your creative skills with it! 
For those who have tried this product, did you like it? 

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