Weekend Getaway: Camsur Watersports Complex

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Camsur Watersports Complex is a training ground for wakeboarders located in the heart of Pili, Camarines Sur. 
Although there's a wakeboard park in Nuvali (only an hour drive from Manila), I haven't had the chance to try wakeboarding there so when we knew we were heading off to Albay, CWC instantly came to mind. To those coming from the Naga airport, you don't have to worry about the transportation cause CWC provides complimentary shuttle services for those people who will their accommodation services. You can opt to stay in a cabana, wood cabin, container, villa or  in their mansion suite. I highly recommend staying in the wood cabin due to its modern design, squeaky clean rooms and complete room amenities. 
Luckily, August is an off-peak season so we were able to get the promo rate of P999 which includes unlimited wakeboarding time + wood cabin accommodation. We first checked-in and stayed at our room and decided we'll just wait until the morning to wakeboard. Morning came and we immediately went to the CWC resto to have breakfast. I ordered the all-time favorite Filipino breakfast, tapsilog (P150). The tapsilog was too sweet for my taste but it was good enough for the price. 

After breakfast, we got the necessary safety gear (life vest + helmet - make sure to prepare the security deposit fee of P500 and the gear rental rate of around P90 because gear rental is not yet included in P999 promo) and headed to the beginner's lake. If you're a beginner, a trainer will first assist you and brief you with the basics. The trainer told me to squat and put my weight at the center, once I feel the tension in the rope I have to tighten my grip, maintain the squat position and try to find my balance. It took me awhile to find my balance so I fell mid-way during the first few tries. You'll get the hang of it after 5 tries or so. Once you're confident enough with the squat position, you should try to stand up next. And once you're really stable standing up, you can opt to try other tricks like the jump start and other twist and turn tricks. 

After 2 1/2 hours, my legs and shoulders feel sore so we all decided to head back to our cabin to rest. Overall, it was a fun thrilling experience. It's not as easy as it seems but it's not as hard either. You just really need to find your balance and keep on trying even after the embarrassing falls!  
How to get to CWC:
From the Airport: Tricycles are available outside the airport. Tell the driver to take you to the Provincial Capitol Complex where CWC is specifically located. It takes about 5 mins and the usual rate is P150
Driving directions from Naga City: It would take about 10 mins from Naga. Head north on Abella St towards Pan-Philippine Highway. Turn right onto Pan-Phil Hwy. Go straight then after 700 meters, turn right.  After 100m, turn right again. Go straight then after 400m, take the first right. Go straight then take the second left and you have arrived at CWC. (Okay, that sounded so confusing even for me! You know you can always ask? Hihi trust me Bicolanos are so warm and friendly so there's no harm in asking for directions) 

Update: As of August 2013, CWC Big Lake is now open! For those who have been trying this sport for awhile, you may now opt to try practicing your craft at the big lake to experience tougher challenges! 


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  1. oh i didnt know that there is a wakeboard park in Nuvali :) im happy u were able to wakeboard i get inggit everytime i see someone do it cause im not allowed to do these kidns of activity bec of my spine condition ^^