Universal Studios Singapore

Friday, May 20, 2011

Time for Singapore Paaaaart two! 
Here's how our day went

7:30 Complimentary Buffet at the hotel's coffeehouse

9:00-10:00 Travel from hotel to Universal Studios Singapore

My oh-so-cute cousin, Marga. :) 

Going to the MRT Station

At Dhoby Ghaut Station

Yay finally, a family photo. 

At the MRT. weewoo. love riding their MRT. It's so clean and cold inside. 

Now at Sentosa Station! About to ride the Sentosa Express

10:15 Now at Universal Studio Singapore
The famous Battlestar Galactica

I'm so brave I rode both lines! The red and blue. 

Okay, that was a lie. :( 
In truth, I'm such a scaredy cat. Just the sight of it makes me cringe with fright. oopsie. 

10:45 am
With the BEAUTIFUL Egyptian Princess near the ride "The Revenge of the Mummy" 

I really can't get over how beautiful that girl is. I don't know if it's just makeup but really she is sooooo pretty to me. haha

11:00 am

The Shrek 4D. If you were to ask me, this attraction isn't worth lining up for. The line was toooo long. We had to wait for around 20-30 mins and it wasn't that great. :| boohoo. 

If you are a 5-10 year old, you might MIGHT have enjoyed this attraction but for teenagers and grown-ups, it was a tad bit corny. Sorry Shrek and Fiona but your attraction really isn't that cool. :( 

11:45 am

Me with the Shrek headband, pretending to be really happy and excited after the ride. hihi

12:15 am 

The Waterworld Show! Love this! It's just a bit too long but yea it's worth watching. 
They had a lot of cool effects and the cast was to die for. The lead female character had unbelievable agility and strength! She kept going up and down the ropes, poles and precisely, any-object-that's hard to go up and down from. 

Singapore 2.2 coming up next! Wait for it. :) 

Until here for now, my fingers are already complaining for too much typing


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