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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. I know the singles out there who refuse to spend Valentine's alone are now starting their so-called "hunt". If you were to ask me, I think there's nothing wrong spending that special day without actually having someone special by your side. You can't just have a fixed framework of mind and think chessy-romantic is the way to go. 

Sometimes, spending it the unconventional aka the single-lonely way is the way to go. I'd probably just have a lovely dinner with mi familia and have a movie marathon on my own. Who's with me? One more chance on deck, everyone! Haha. But if you guys, wanna take the load off before Valentine's day and probably mingle with all sorts of people then might as well go to the hottest party in the Metro. 


Friday is for pleasure.
Friday is for possibilities.
But most of all, Friday is for play.

 The UP Mass Communicators Organization is a duly recognized student organization committed to honing potential individuals into competent media practitioners. In partnership with UP Lakan, a non-profit organization run by students from the province of Bulacan, we are once again bringing you the hottest pre-Valentine party to hit the Metro!

Tickets are sold at P250 each pre-selling and P300 door price

You know what it is. 
Party out and do it the Katy way! 

Good News! You guys can email me your names and your friends' names and you can get tickets at a discounted price! Instead of P300, you'll have it for P200. What a deal, huh?
Email me at


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