Scarves and Jackets?

Friday, March 29, 2013

It’s ironic how it’s the summer season but I catch myself packing for scarves and jackets. 
Living in the tropical country I’m so used to seeing people wearing short shorts and tank tops but still complaining how Manila is a one big brick oven! Good thing there’s a place called Baguio. A place where we could escape from the scorching heat and just allow our winter season clothing pieces get their own minutes of fame. Yes, that explains why I’m packing scarves and jackets! My family and I are spending the Holy Week in Baguio. It’s a looooong 6-hour drive but as early as now, I could say that it’s worth the drive. (Not that I’m the one driving –OH HELL NO– but  you do get the point, right?) 
IMG_9418 IMG_9432 IMG_9433
| Blazer: Bazaar | Pants & Bag: Bershka | Necklace: The Bling Project | Flats: SM Parisian |
How're you guys spending your Holy Week? 


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