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Monday, April 1, 2013

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Our first stop was the BenCab Museum. 
You'll see here the art collection of our National Artist, Benedicto Cabrera. (museum directions below) 
Entrance fee is just Php 100 for regular visitors and Php 80 for students and senior citizens with valid ID. 
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Get to know the artist's muse named Sabel. Who is she and what's her story? Well, there's only one way to find out. 
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Little tip: If you're visiting the museum with a kid, be prepare for the "how come?", tons of "why not?" and probably a little wailing here and there. The museum has certain galleries that are NOT meant for kids. You do get what I mean, right? So parents, prepare your explanations. Be creative! haha
When you're done with the art tour, the guide will lead you to this amazing picturesque Cafe Sabel.  I personally tried the Strawberry shake and kamote fries. What could I say? I loved both! The shake is, of course, made from real strawberries while the kamote fries has this garlic parmesan tasting dip. I don't really know what the dip is called but it reminds of the garlic parmesan dip they serve at NYFD. 
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Before leaving the museum, you'll notice the souvenir shop. My sister and I spotted this rock bag and we instantly want to take it home! However, the price is quite steep at Php 1,750. 
The next day I went strawberry picking with my cousins! You have to drive all the way to La Trinidad, Benguet to get to the strawberry farm. A bit far but if you're really game for a "pick the freshest/largest strawberry" contest then it's gonna be worth it. They normally sell the strawberries during the peak season at Php 180/kilo but if you do the picking or plucking yourself, you have to pay more! Yes you have to pay them Php 400/kilo for getting the chance of being a strawberry farmer for a day. 
Across the farm, you'll see tons of tiny shops selling all sorts of things from the famous Sundot Kulangot (which you clearly know by now that is has nothing to do with booger) to the cutesy and not so cutesy souvenir keychains and puppets
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My short out of town trip is definitely something that I'm truly thankful for. After the semester ended, my eyes were already complaining for being overexposed to laptops and cellphones. It's always nice to see real trees, flowers and other natural thingamajigs once in awhile. It makes you feel that there are still two dimensions in this world: digital and real. One can't live a life just typing, blogging or worse, cyber stalking someone in the digital world. One has to go out there to see the trees, smell the roses and while you're at it - take touristy shots! C'mon you have to agree on the touristy shots! Everyone loves touristy shots. I mean why wouldn't you? Hello! Instagram-ing yourself with a breath taking view is the bee's knees nowadays! 
Ben Cab Museum
Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet, Philippines
Tel no. (074) 442 7165


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