Live Forever or Die Trying?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Went to Rockwell today for the Shu Uemura makeup class. Sorry no photos during the class since I left my camera at home cause I thought I was going to commute. Anyway enough with the blabber, back to the fun part. haha. Yea watched 'In Time' while waiting for my class. Yup! It's the one with Amanda Seyfriend and Justin Timberlake. 
The film made a lot of sense! You wouldn't look at time the same way again. 

So yea, this is what I wore. (biglang ganun? labo! haha) 
Then went to Kenny Rogers for dinner. Yumyum! Love their cheese and garlic potatoes.  
top: Giordano, polo: thrifted, bag: Accessorize, pants: Bershka, bangles: Greenhilss, flats: Divisoria


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